Energy efficiency upgrades

Intelligent Lighting

Lighting alone counts for approximately 20% of global electricity consumption. Replacing old lighting with energy efficient lighting solutions in households, public & private sectors will not only lower CO2 emissions but also save energy and money.

DME can implement many different installations to suit all projects, applying energy efficiency to lighting requires either reducing electricity consumed by the light source and light fixtures or shortening the time that the lights are switched on.

In both cases, many energy efficient products and solutions are available in today’s market place. Technology Improved systems – reducing the length of time can be obtained via measurement, analysis and detailed planning, monitoring and control.

To achieve less consumption involves replacing light bulbs & fittings with technology improved ones with the same or greater amounts of light output – but with a reduced electricity usage.


LED Lighting

Reasons to upgrade traditional lighting to LED Energy Efficiency – LED’s consume up to 85% less power to produce the same amount of light. LED’s are instant on and require no warm up period. Long Life – LED’s can last over 50000hrs compared to standard incandescent bulb 1000hrs & fluorescent 6000hrs.

Rugged durability

LED lights have no fragile filament or tube to contend with making them resistant to vibration, heat & cold. LED’s are highly reliable requiring little or no maintenance. LED’s give out no UV or IR emissions. LED’s have no noise or flicker making them ideal for industry, commercial & home use. LED’s are dimmable from 5 -100%.

LED’s offer a wide range of lighting densities, colour tones & light spread making them suitable for many applications. LED Lighting conforms to and even exceeds many of the proposed and implemented government initiatives focussed on carbon emission reduction and energy efficiency.